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DEFINITELY RECOMMEND! Get Work’s service has gone way above our expectations, we were expecting to get perhaps 1 or 2 calls in the first month and we’ve had 19 leads! We’ve had two big re-roofs, the biggest re-roof we quoted was for £34k and they’re definitely going to go with us. We’ve won a job to fit a roof lantern, a guttering job that we’re doing next week and there’s been lots of other jobs in between. We’ve only had two or three smaller jobs, say under £200 that you can do there and then, but mostly the jobs have been bigger and of really good quality. It’s excellent because we get leads from Norwich (where we wouldn’t normally) and people see your van in the area and get to know you, so you also build awareness of your business that way. If I’m honest, if this would have been a 12-month contact then I probably wouldn’t have signed up. Long term contracts don’t work well for small businesses. We learnt that the hard way because we were promised the world by Yell, signed a 12-month contract and nothing was delivered. There’s no comparison between Get Work. If anyone said to me they were going to go with Yell I would say just don’t even go there, absolutely don’t. I would recommend Get Work to anybody because it works. We understand that you aren’t going to get every job you quote for, but as long as you have the quotes going out, then there’s a good chance of the work coming in. The best thing about them is their service, the way they look after you. If I have a problem there’s someone on the end of the phone that I can ring, and they always spend the time to go through everything with you, their service is A1 and that’s really important to us. We also like having the same contact person as you build up a great relationship. If you’re thinking of going with Get Work I would say definitely go there, definitely! Even if you just give it a go for a month and it doesn't work out for you, you’re not tied into a contract, so there’s little risk. I would highly recommend them to anybody. There’s no comparison with their service and others we’ve tried. We really appreciate all the leads they’ve sent to us it’s been amazing! If it works like this for everybody Get Work will blow every other company out of the water by this time next year!
Trusted Customer
46 days ago

When you think of the stereotypes of a cold call ‘we can do this, we can do that’ it’s easy to end the call, but Get Work seemed different right from the off. It’s not the cheapest but I think you always get what you pay for. They are fully transparent, and you know what you’re getting for your money. There’s no contract and the first month was half price so you’re not jumping in with two feet and putting all your eggs in one basket. I still don’t believe how good it is even now. When my advertising campaign is live I’m always getting calls, and going out to price work. So many of the other companies out there, who guarantee this and guarantee that, they don’t live up to what they say, and to be honest a part of me didn’t expect to come back for a second month. But Get Work’s customer service and the amount of work they bring to my business has gone above and beyond my expectations. In my first month I spent £250, I got 13 leads and quoted £81,300 worth of work! Most of the leads were really good, I got a couple of time wasters but 95% were genuine and good people. I’ve had a variety of work that I’ve already completed, there’s been an up and over, a full re-roof, a lean-to pvc corrugated car port/garage, a couple of repairs so a good diverse amount of work. I’ve used Yell and they just don’t compare, in fact they’re terrible and I’m stuck in a contract with them for I don’t know how long, and I haven’t had one job off it and I’m still paying every month for it. With Get Work it’s a personal service and you feel like you know them, and I always talk to Leon who goes through everything with me. They call me at 8pm at night when I’m free so they work around me, but with Yell they don’t even bother. Obviously seeing that my marketing budget is bringing all of the work in and having the system to see it all and listen back to calls is great. The system is really easy to use, but for me the best thing is the personal service. I would recommend Get Work to any roofer out there thinking of using them, I’d say go for it, you won’t regret it. If it keeps going like is it doing, I’ll be upgrading to a higher package and getting another van on the road.
Ashley Harris
53 days ago
“Worth every penny!!”
I wasn’t sure it would work at first because I received a cold call but I get a call every week or two weeks to see how I am getting on so I know my money isn’t wasted. If the service carries on how its going I will be cancelling my contract with Yell and I have already (after 1 month) stopped using my builder. The service is very personal, I get tips and advice to help me win more jobs like setting a personal voicemail message on my phone so people leave a message. I don’t have to chase or bid for jobs, they come to me. On my builder you can pay between £3- £35 for leads and 10 roofers can quote, the home owner choses who to go with but you are competing with other roofers to win a job, this takes up your time as you constantly have to chase the work and it also drives my costs down as you can be competing against cowboys who go up a ladder for £10! I am really happy with the service and that calls come to me, I just go out quote the jobs and I am winning the work. I received 25 leads so far (midway through second month) and I have quoted £13,920 worth of work, won a lot of it just waiting to do the jobs.
Ben Craven
60 days ago

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Meet Bri & Joanne Lowe From Your Local Roofer

3 new roofers, 2 new labourers, 1 new van. That’s what 200 leads in 7 months will do for you!

In January 2017, Bri and Joanne Lowe formed Your Local Roofer; a local roofing company set up to serve Bolton and the surrounding areas. Bri was no stranger to the industry, he had worked for a number of local roofing contractors, before deciding to set up Your Local Roofer. As a startup, Bri and Joanne had no customers, no marketing strategy, just a vision of growing their own roofing company from the ground up. Joanne was set to manage the company’s admin; quotations, invoicing, emails, marketing etc. and Bri would answer any calls and do what he does best; assess, repair and build roofs. Read the case study below to see how Bri & Joanne’s first year went. Spoiler alert, it went pretty good!

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