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Mark Wild
10 months ago
“Does what is says on the TIN...!!!”
I found Get Work on LinkedIn and was impressed with what I saw, I did my own research on their website and was intrigued enough to give it a go. After that, the only thing I was apprehensive about was starting just after the Chrismas period so I put it back until March (I really did not need to)

Get Works service is very easy to use but I didn't use the online platform much in the first month. I didn't overly enjoy the 2 random phone calls looking for a competitor and one from a delivery driver but this has been explained to me that it is part of the bedding in period and will happen less over time. I much prefer the contact forms than the phone calls as it's easier and smoother for me to deal with.

The best thing about the service is it does what it says on the tin. They say it delivers leads and it works.

In the first month, I had 16 leads and quoted £141k worth of work...£128k accepted work and I won 75% of the work I quoted. The leads are of very good quality, really good quality leads. I was overwhelmed with the amount and quality of leads, so much so that I only went to quote for 4 and secured 3 of them. From the leads, I've secured big jobs and they've also lead to further work. I've won everything from a garage conversion to a massive extension with a new garage, as well as a full house refurb.

I'm still tied in with Yell until next month, they sold me a premier listing which got me 1 lead in a whole year costing me £600 a month. Get Work are not even in the same bracket as Yell and alike. You can't compare Get Work with any other service. They have a product that nobody else has and it performs excellently.

I highly recommend Get Work, try it and see it work for yourself. If it doesn't work there's no contract and you can leave. If you price right and you're professional you'll get most of the leads
Ben Pulham
10 months ago
“Trust me it’s worth the money”
I was never worried about giving this a go because I knew that I would get my money back off one job and if it didn't work I wasn't tied to a contract.

The amount of calls we got in the first month was smashing there was no doubt after that that we'd be continuing.

I can't fault the service, the leads are great quality. We were doing fine before but this is just great, we get lots of work from it. It's really developed my business. I don't get every single job but 70% of the work that comes in I win! I can't fault it, there's nothing to fault, I would recommend it to anyone. As long as they aren't a roofer in my area (you're not having my area). I like that I'm the only roofer in my area because it certainly works.

Get Work are very honest and clear. You know exactly what you're getting for your money. You know that a call or message is from Get Work and you can see every lead in your account.

The customer service is great. Natasha is excellent. I'm not great with the internet but she explains everything very clearly and easily so that I understand it, she's introduced me to something that's fantastic. I'm really happy. It's 10/10.

I would tell anyone to go for it. You can try it for half price and there's no contract! Worst case scenario you only need one job to make your money back but best case you end up like me, get lots of work from it make a load more profit and it transforms your business!
Trust me, it's worth the money!
Paul Keys
1 year ago

When Get Work contacted us they were relatively new and we weren't sure if it would work. We've had past experiences with other companies calling, promising us things and not delivering so we were a bit worried at first but speaking to Natasha gave us the confidence to give it a try.

Before Get Work we were spending a lot of money on advertising so we carried out an exercise to calculate how much profit each of our advertising methods was making for our business. It was shocking how little we were actually making from our other advertising! We thought that we were getting work because jobs were coming in but when we worked it out our return was so low that we cancelled these other services. We then looked at what Get Work was offering and how much it costs and it’s a much better way of making sure you're making a good return.

We definitely get more work now, before Get Work came along it went a bit quiet and without it we might have been worrying about getting enough customers through the door because companies around us are saying they are quiet but we're not quiet at all. We have an Expansion and a Startup subscription and we make about 8 appointments a day from Get Work, in bad weather there is even more!

The leads are all of good quality, genuine leads, not timewasters. People are coming to you because they want some work doing now. There’s been a mixed bag of jobs, roofing, chimney work, flat roofing, we don't get much silliness like someone who wants something out of the blue. They are genuine roofing leads which meets our business needs, its exactly what we need. We now get the majority of our work from Get Work.

We've used Rated People and My Builder in the past, you can tell from those sites when people are struggling for work in the area because the prices that you pay for a lead go up. We've been offered to quote for 20 jobs on Rated People recently and we've not accepted one because the prices are going up and they're rubbish leads, you're paying £13.80 for a lead to replace a tile its just silly. A re-roof is £65 a lead and 10 people are quoting for it, they say only 3 people are allowed to quote but when you speak to the customer your the 7th person and the job has only been up 10 minutes, customers just get annoyed. Rated People is the worst because you can't see how many have been short listed for a job, at least My Builder shows you that 4 have been shortlisted.

We've cut out a lot of the other stuff now since we’ve been with Get Work. The main reason is that we turn a lot of the calls and emails from Get Work into work and it’s by far the best service that we’ve tried, it's not money grabbing, they are genuine leads.

The notifications are good, they let you know that its a lead from Get Work calling. You get emails so if you were to lose a number that's really handy because it will be emailed to you and if your out and about you know the time the customer called.
I would definitely recommend them, speak to Natasha she's lovely. The service is great, give it a try they're really good.
Michelle Kay
1 year ago
“Great team always there to help”
I saw Get Work online and because it only cost £250 to try it I gave them a go. Their website was spot on. When I called they sounded professional, they were well spoken and they knew what they were talking about so I was more than happy with my choice.

I like that they're transparent, the price online was the price i paid and there were no hidden charges.

The service has been really useful, there's been no false promises and I'm really happy with it.

Its been great, they're helping me build up a great reputation, I'm getting extra income because they're bringing me more leads.
They've taken care of building a great landing page, and advertising my business and I can get into my account on my phone to see all the work they get for me.

The lead quality has been really good and there's been some really juicy jobs. I've had repairs, flat roofs, chimney work, leaks and commercial work too. I've tried MyBuilder and Quotatis and the quality of leads with Get Work is a lot better than buying off those websites as the leads only come to me.

I think that's the best thing, the quality of the leads. The customer care is great too, whenever I've called they've answered or got back quickly.
The platform is really easy, its useful and helps me keep organised with customers and I can see how well my advertising is doing.

I'd definitely recommend to anybody, just stay out of my area!
Jordan Lamb
1 year ago

Before they called me I hadn't heard of Get Work, so when I got a cold call the usual alarm bells were ringing. To be honest, i didn't expect much, it was a punt but it's turned out great.
They're good to deal with, the leads come in and the software is really good.
I've already told a few of my roofing pals and I would recommend it to other roofers.

The leads have been good and there's plenty of them, so much so that I've been picking and choosing.
I got a re-roof in the first month so I think that says it all. I've since had other re-roofs, flat roofs, garage roofs and repairs.
I've used yell for years and they steadily produce leads, by comparison Get Work is a lot more efficient and generates more leads. The platform is really useful I get notifications by text and the platform documents all the work.
My Yell advertising has been down for a couple of months and i haven't missed it to be honest.

All in all, Get Work are good to deal with, the leads are strong and its making me money.
I didn't expect much when I took it out but I was pleasantly surprised.
And for £250 you'd be mad not to give it a try.
James Gribbon
1 year ago

The perfect service, you're not compeating against anyone else and you always know that your phone's going to ring.

At first I thought the service sounded expensive, but after a little thinking, I was spending close to £500 on fuel alone just travelling to work and back. Get Work was offering me work on my doorstep, so I knew straight away that it would make sense to use their service instead.

It's very easy to use, the work comes in via call or email. I get notified when I've missed a call or got an email lead, I can listen back to calls and everything is all in one place for me to see my work and the jobs I've won. It's very good, the perfect service, does exactly what I need it to do.

It's allowed me to leave my previous job and to grow my own business. There's been a varied amount of work full re-roofs, repairs, garages and everything in between. At one stage there was too much work but Natasha has worked with me and now I'm managing it.

I've used rated people in the past but this is much better. You're not competing against anyone else so you can give the price you want to a customer without someone pricing against you.

For me the best thing is that you're not having to price against anyone else and you always know that your phone's going to ring.

Give it a go. I will be recommending them to friend.
Peter Parr
1 year ago
“1000% ROI I'd say definitely 100% jump on it straight away”
Seemed too good to be true but they have a no pressure approach which I liked.

The service has been excellent, they've gone over and above my expectations, said it would be slow in the first week but I ended getting a re-roof from it.

The leads have been good quality, I had one guy who called thinking i was a supplier, but they told me these types of calls get filtered out completely over time. I've had a re-roof, a dormer extension, and repairs.

I've used other services before, Per Call was one of them. I'd definitely put Get Work top of the list, the lead quality is top notch and the app is great, it really ties everything together. My first month I've been away on holiday but still managed to get 1000% ROI.

There's lot of follow up with calls and they're easy to talk too. The app is great and if you were thinking of using Get Work I'd say definitely 100% jump on it straight away.
Lee Wingfield
1 year ago
“Smooth service, good volume of work. Definitely go for it.”
There are a lot of companies about that say they can generate leads and have been around for a long time but this is very successful.

It's a very smooth service, it's set up and run well. It's perfect if you also deal with repairs. At the minute we specialise full re-roofs and we've had about 4 re-roofs in two months so we're happy because we're making a good profit off that alone. It will be a lot more fruitful for us when we set up a team to deal with the smaller repairs which we are planning to do at the minute.

We've previously tried a number of different avenues to get work, we have a call centre, lead generators, paper advertising, leaflets and Facebook but Get Work have been proven to be the best so far along side our call centre.

The opportunity that the service presents is excellent there is a good volume of work. At the minute we are cherry picking work and it's working well for us, when we do all of the jobs our profit will increase further.

I would definitely say go for it... as long as you're not in my area!
Gavin Cruickshank
1 year ago
“Genuinely interested in helping you grow your business!”
The one thing that would have made me question using a lead generation company would have been lack of understanding of the industry. I went with Get Work because they specialised in the roofing industry and they aren't a trade directory which simply lists lots of other roofers in my area. They work exclusively with us in our area.

It's working well and generating a good number of leads. We're winning and converting a lot of those leads and we're also going to expand the marketing in another area this month. There's a wide range of work from full roofs to slipped tiles. We have robust systems that filter out the jobs that aren't worthwhile for us which helps us to maximise our return from the platform.

Get Work are very proactive and hands on, they're genuinely interested in helping you grow your business. Other services I've tried like review sites do OK for me, I have a lot of reviews on there but the service isn't like it used to be and the return on investment really seems to be diminishing.

The service with Get Work is very transparent. It's a simple approach and very easy to understand. You know exactly where the leads have come from, what they are worth and what's converting. You know because all the tracking data is collected and is available in your Get Work account so you can see what you've spent and what profit you've made. By seeing your return on investment you know if it's working. You also get notified when you miss a call from a lead so you can get back to them quickly.

I would definitely recommend Get Work, give it a try, its simple, straightforward and you're not tied into long term contracts.
Trusted Customer
1 year ago
“100% snap it up, you won't look back!”
We've had millions of calls and promises before and we've used different types of services to bring us work but they just haven't delivered at all, they all promise the same thing but once we had a few calls and built up trust we knew we wanted to go with GetWork and they've delivered. They have gone way above what we were expecting and I'm happy, they're very professional and its really easy to use.

In the first 2 months we've had 60 leads and quoted over £410k of work! They've been good quality leads and we're very surprised at how fast and how much work has come in. You'll always get tyre kickers but genrally the work has been really good. The types of jobs have been a mixture of absolutely everything roof related, from full re-roofs and flat roofs to repairs and guttering, we're really happy with it.

We've used Yell, Checkatrade lots of lead generation sites and other marketing agencies and I'd 100% say GetWork are by absolute far the best we've used. They're in a different league.

Best thing is the amount of leads they bring to our business and the lead management system is absolutely fantastic. The professionalism of the staff and how they work with us and show an interest in our business is brilliant.

To anyone thinking of using GetWork I would say 100% snap it up, you won't look back!
Trusted Customer
1 year ago
“I,ve made almost 20 times what i,ve spent with them.”
I was really impressed with Get Work before signing up, but the thought of paying money and not getting anything in return is always a risk with this kind of thing. I've tried that many companies to bring work in, most of them are a waste of time and that's why I don't use them anymore.

These guys are absolutely fantastic, its been brilliant! You get some time wasters just wanting prices but you'll always get those type of customers.

In the first month I've had 34 leads and I've made almost 20 times what I spent with them. I've done re-roofs, slate and tile repairs, leadwork, they sent me some flat roofs but haven't done any of those yet.

Get Work is 100% worth the money, it's not cheap, but you get a fantastic return for your money. I always know where the work is coming from, because its tracked and at the beginning of each call it tells me the job is from them. Plus I can access each job from my computer and phone which helps massively when your busy.

Over the years I've tried everything from Yell, Thompson Local and Rated People who sell the same lead to loads of roofers which is just a big con. These other companies you pay money out and don't get a return, with the guys at Get Work its the opposite, they're 100 times better and they've made a massive difference to my business. I've already recommended family and friends in the trade
Dean Merrick
1 year ago

The platform is easy to use and lets me see what work we get and how much GetWork brings to the business. Leon is on hand all the time which is really good, and they've gone above what we expected. Out of all the services we've tried (which has been a lot) this has been the best. The leads have been good and we've been getting phone calls so i know its working. We've had re-roofs
garage roofs, repairs but we've also had a church refurb, industrial warehouse, asbestos work and a couple of commercial jobs where its just circumstance that they haven't materialised. I'm on Yell and Master craftsmen and GetWork are a lot better, the personal service is the best thing but obviously when your getting phone calls you know something is happening. You know the calls are from them and the platform records all the jobs we get so you know where your money is going. They look after you and they aren't laid back or thinking about getting the next customer.
I'm always wary of cold calls but the follow up emails and further calls reassured me that it would work and that they knew what they were doing. There was no pressure and I thought the half price first month and no contract was a no brainer.
Gene Hanney
1 year ago
“Far superior to anything else”
The main thing that I liked with Get Work was that we would be the single supplier on their books in our area, that was really encouraging.

As with anything there are highs and lows but the service improves every month. When my son gets into it I will be a lot more efficient, we will start following up on leads and keep everything organised so we can see where we’re at.

The customer service is very good I can’t complain about that at all.

I’ve had a broad spectrum of customers, sometimes you get people who are hard work, but I’ve had some good quality work from them, it’s something new and it’s working. I’m really happy with the leads that we’re getting, and it’s far superior to anything else we’ve done before.

I’m going to kick Thompson Local and Yell into touch. I’ve been with them for years, paying much more than I do with Get Work and not getting anywhere near the results. I will then look at going up to the next package with Get Work.

The types of jobs vary. You’re always going to get a couple of small repair jobs around the £250 mark, and sometimes you can’t beat bread and butter jobs like that. If you have a couple guys earmarked to do 4 repair jobs in a day, that’s a nice £1,000 a day from your smaller jobs. I’ve also had much bigger re-roof jobs as well and a lot of garage roofs. A good mix.

We were going to go with Check-a-Trade but kicked them into touch, it’s all about reviews with them, and anyone can get reviews, they haven’t got a proper vetting process in place, so anyone can sign up. We’re members of the NFRC, I’m on the board of the NFRC, and we fully vet all of our member’s work.

The introduction and follow up process is the best thing about Get Work, you’re notified when you get a call or email from them, the calls are recorded so you can listen back when it’s convenient, so you shouldn’t miss any jobs. You can’t always get to the phone straight away when you’re on a job, but their text message reminders help you get in touch as quickly as possible.

My advice would be, don’t hesitate to use them, their service is very good and I am continuing working with them as it improves all the time.
Richard French
1 year ago
“Good service”
I was cautious at first because I got a call out of the blue and we dealt with everything over the phone so you can't always get a vibe for someone. They could have ran away with my £250 but then I had a few talks with Natasha, looked them up with the NFRC and saw the case study and was impressed by it all.

I rely on Get Work and get all my big jobs from it. I get smaller jobs from my word of mouth customers and this gets me the bigger ones. Itís definitely worth the money.

The first month was a bit iffy but since then itís gone from strength to strength. I've talked a lot more with them and I can't fault it. It's handy to see all of my leads and customers on my phone and it's dead easy to use.

Good variety of jobs from it, had some small ones turn into bigger jobs once I've been to see them. Had some re-roofs, garage roofs, flat roofs, repairs from £50 a job to a day rate, there's plenty of work, I've done loads of the jobs already including re-roofs and I've got plenty booked in still to do.

Best thing is that they do what they say they will and you do get work from it. I know 100% that they will help me grow my company. I've tried other things like Yell before and I didn't get any calls from it. The best thing about this is that there is no contract, I've had 40 jobs in 3 months, I can see every single job that I've had from it and its good quality work. I'm definitely keeping it going, I would be silly not to and I plan to go up to the next package in the future. There might be other companies out there that look like they do similar things but this one is in a different league.
Craig Riley
1 year ago
“Couldn't be happier, if you need work these guys can get it for you!”
I'm so happy that we met Nick and signed up to Get Work when we did. We were their first customer and the service throughout has been nothing short of exceptional. We started using them in February last year. We'd just formed our company, had no customers and weren't doing any other marketing. Yell had approached us and tried to offer us a package, but we felt that advertising on Google with it being more popular was the better option. Everybody goes on Google first and just types whatever they're looking for, rather than going onto Yell and looking that way.

The quality of the work that we receive is really great. It’s strange because a lot of the work that comes in gets quoted and then 3 months down the line they want it doing. People tend to save up for the bigger jobs, so I'm a great believer in keeping on top of every lead so we don't miss out on any work. If it’s a smaller job, it gets dealt with straight away, but the larger work definitely takes a while to come through. We had one quoted in January last year that only came through in August! And funnily enough their neighbour called up to have the same work done as it was an adjoining house. So we got both of them jobs through just one call, which is why it's so important to keep on top of things. The repairs are always quite rapid though, following the call we’re out the following day getting on with things.

We’ve taken on 3 new roofers, 2 labourers and bought a new van, Bri’s got work every single day, he’s booked up now for another 2 months, we were literally getting too many calls to handle, and really could have done with a bigger team earlier to help with the workload. Bri’s now trying to get more workers on as we just don’t have the staff to cover the jobs. We're now on their Growth package and get around 2 leads a day. We get loads of calls, loads of email enquiries, it works so well, we literally get all our work from them. They’ve delivered exactly what they said they would for over a year now. I can't recommend them enough.
Brion Lowe
1 year ago
“Great people to work with, Nothing is too much trouble for them.”
’ve tried advertising with so many marketing companies over the years and I've always been disappointed. I never seem to get anything back in return, and quite often I've been promised the world. Get Work have certainly been different and from the moment I spoke to Leon, I felt at ease. Everything was explained clearly and I just felt comfortable right from the off.

The thing that swayed it for me was that I had my own area where they would only advertise my roofing company. It means my company stands out and I’m not just one of a handful of other roofers thrown into the same directory like with Yell or quoting for the same job like with Rated People. It showed me that they wanted MY business to do well and they weren’t like other companies that just wanted to make money by selling the same jobs to 10 other roofers.

I’ve used an SEO company before, which didn’t bring anything in at all. I’ve used Trust-a-trader who took £2k off me and I got 1 job out of it. I’ve tried Rated People and they were the worst. You’ve got loads of roofers paying £10-£15 a throw, they say they only send 3 to a job but I’ve been to one job and I was the 18th roofer! They’re making more than the job is worth.

At the end of the first month I'll be honest, I didn’t think I was going to carry on because it started very slow. After speaking with Leon and Nick they were confident it would get better and they offered to run another trial to get it working for me. I was impressed enough with what I’d seen to stick around for another month and I’m so glad that I did. In the second month the work started to really come through, and in the third month I got even more. The fourth month has started and I’ve got 5 leads in the first 5 days.

There’s no other service that compares to Get Work, they show a genuine interest in the success of your company and they get results. The leads I’ve received have been great so far. I’ve had industrial units, re-roofs, flat roofs, conservatory conversions, porches and smaller repairs, which are really important for our cash flow. I’d definitely say give them a go if you have the chance, as long as you aren’t anywhere near me or my area!
Clive Turner
1 year ago
“For a professional and Personal service dont hesitate using Get Work”
I knew after speaking with Leon that Get Work were very different to other marketing companies. I’d tried SEO and other Adwords companies before, but they never worked and I always ended up wasting money. Get Work were transparent from the very beginning and willing to show me exactly what I’d make by using their services. They didn't push for any long-term contracts so I felt comfortable that they’d deliver on their word.

At first our campaign started off slow and I thought I'd found another company that weren't up to much. There were a couple of calls looking for suppliers and other roofers, but after speaking with Leon he reassured me that this was part of the ongoing optimisation process, particularly at the beginning of the campaign. The results have improved each month and so has the quality of work I’m getting. Over the last 3 months we’ve had a 600% return on investment and I still have jobs to come in that will push that up. The service is performing far better than I expected and I couldn't be happier.

I’ve had a good mix of roofing jobs from re-roofs, churches, schools, garage roofs and repairs.

They give a personal service and I always speak with the same person who knows me and our business. They show a genuine interest in our success and only work with one roofer in each area so when a customer calls we're usually the first roofer they’ve spoken to.

We’re currently in a contract with Yell but Get Work have out-performed them by far.
I’d definitely recommend using them to bring work in because their service is fantastic. Just don’t try taking my area! I'm glad I took a punt with this company and if you’re looking for a personal service that delivers then I’d say give them a go.
Frankie Morley
1 year ago


Get Work’s service has gone way above our expectations, we were expecting to get perhaps 1 or 2 calls in the first month and we’ve had 19 leads! We’ve had two big re-roofs, the biggest re-roof we quoted was for £34k and they’re definitely going to go with us. We’ve won a job to fit a roof lantern, a guttering job that we’re doing next week and there’s been lots of other jobs in between. We’ve only had two or three smaller jobs, say under £200 that you can do there and then, but mostly the jobs have been bigger and of really good quality.

It’s excellent because we get leads from Norwich (where we wouldn’t normally) and people see your van in the area and get to know you, so you also build awareness of your business that way.

If I’m honest, if this would have been a 12-month contact then I probably wouldn’t have signed up. Long term contracts don’t work well for small businesses. We learnt that the hard way because we were promised the world by Yell, signed a 12-month contract and nothing was delivered.

There’s no comparison between Get Work. If anyone said to me they were going to go with Yell I would say just don’t even go there, absolutely don’t. I would recommend Get Work to anybody because it works. We understand that you aren’t going to get every job you quote for, but as long as you have the quotes going out, then there’s a good chance of the work coming in.

The best thing about them is their service, the way they look after you. If I have a problem there’s someone on the end of the phone that I can ring, and they always spend the time to go through everything with you, their service is A1 and that’s really important to us. We also like having the same contact person as you build up a great relationship.

If you’re thinking of going with Get Work I would say definitely go there, definitely! Even if you just give it a go for a month and it doesn't work out for you, you’re not tied into a contract, so there’s little risk.

I would highly recommend them to anybody. There’s no comparison with their service and others we’ve tried. We really appreciate all the leads they’ve sent to us it’s been amazing! If it works like this for everybody Get Work will blow every other company out of the water by this time next year!
Trusted Customer
1 year ago

When you think of the stereotypes of a cold call ‘we can do this, we can do that’ it’s easy to end the call, but Get Work seemed different right from the off. It’s not the cheapest but I think you always get what you pay for. They are fully transparent, and you know what you’re getting for your money. There’s no contract and the first month was half price so you’re not jumping in with two feet and putting all your eggs in one basket. I still don’t believe how good it is even now. When my advertising campaign is live I’m always getting calls, and going out to price work. So many of the other companies out there, who guarantee this and guarantee that, they don’t live up to what they say, and to be honest a part of me didn’t expect to come back for a second month. But Get Work’s customer service and the amount of work they bring to my business has gone above and beyond my expectations. In my first month I spent £250, I got 13 leads and quoted £81,300 worth of work! Most of the leads were really good, I got a couple of time wasters but 95% were genuine and good people. I’ve had a variety of work that I’ve already completed, there’s been an up and over, a full re-roof, a lean-to pvc corrugated car port/garage, a couple of repairs so a good diverse amount of work. I’ve used Yell and they just don’t compare, in fact they’re terrible and I’m stuck in a contract with them for I don’t know how long, and I haven’t had one job off it and I’m still paying every month for it. With Get Work it’s a personal service and you feel like you know them, and I always talk to Leon who goes through everything with me. They call me at 8pm at night when I’m free so they work around me, but with Yell they don’t even bother. Obviously seeing that my marketing budget is bringing all of the work in and having the system to see it all and listen back to calls is great. The system is really easy to use, but for me the best thing is the personal service. I would recommend Get Work to any roofer out there thinking of using them, I’d say go for it, you won’t regret it. If it keeps going like is it doing, I’ll be upgrading to a higher package and getting another van on the road.
Ashley Harris
1 year ago

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