A Trademan’s Guide To Local SEO

Want to learn how to take advantage of Local SEO as a trade business? You’ve come to the right place! In this article we offer a complete guide of what every tradesman needs to know about local

Local Services Ads: A New Way To Get Trade Leads

25th March 2021 | Antonia Mougkopetrou | Marketing

Own a trade company? Want a new way to get leads? LSAs can help you! Designed for local businesses, Local Services Ads are a perfect way for tradespeople to get more work in their local area. In

Creating A Winning Sales Process For Tradespeople

22nd February 2021 | Antonia Mougkopetrou | Sales

Want to master your sales process as a tradesperson? You’ve come to the right place! Owning a trade business means that at some point you will have to sell something to someone and make some

The Ultimate Web Design Guide For Tradespeople [2021]

17th December 2020 | Antonia Mougkopetrou | Design

Want to know how good web design can boost your trade business? We’ve got you covered! Web design is an important factor for a successful website, and having a successful website can

A Complete SEO Guide For Your Trade Business [2021]

17th December 2020 | Antonia Mougkopetrou | Marketing

Do you think SEO can benefit your trade company? Well, it can! Whether you’re new to the world of online promotion or you’re an old hand on the internet, you’ve likely heard the term ‘SEO’ a few

The Ultimate Admin Guide For Tradespeople

16th November 2020 | Antonia Mougkopetrou | Admin

Spending all your free time keeping up with admin tasks for your trade business? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, but you’ve certainly come to the right place! “Gotta love that paperwork” said no

What Business Insurance Should A Tradesperson Have?

9th November 2020 | Antonia Mougkopetrou | Legal

Want to know what business insurance your trade company needs? All of this effort to get your business off the ground and it could be wiped out if you’re not prepared for accidents or

Legal Considerations For Your Trade Business

5th November 2020 | Antonia Mougkopetrou | Legal

Too busy to keep up with the legal duties of a trade business owner? We can help! Working over 40 hours a week, with paperwork to do in your “spare time” it can be tough to find the time

A Tradesman’s Guide To Business Bank Accounts

4th November 2020 | Antonia Mougkopetrou | Finance

Wondering if you need a bank account for your trade business? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll cover why you need a business bank account for your trade company, how to open

How to Advertise Your Trade Business Online

28th October 2020 | Antonia Mougkopetrou | Marketing

So, you have a professional website you love. Great! Now you need to figure out how people are going to find it! Sadly, it’s not as easy as throwing up a website in the hope that thousands of local

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