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As tradespeople, you’re certainly prone to the odd fail or two. After such a challenging year, we thought we’d compile a list of the most hilarious trade fails from across the web. We’ve had a great time drawing up this list, so we hope you enjoy!

Let’s take a look at our top 10 trade fails.

#1 Plywood Surfing!

#2 We’ve all been there!

#3 A minor oversight!

#4 Run! 😳

#5 Work HARD… Play HARD! 😬

#6 It’s the apprentice’s fault, clearly…

#7 Solid workmanship! 😂

#8 He should’ve seen that one coming…

#9 Apprentices! No words! 😂

#10 Ambitious… 😂


Antonia Mougkopetrou

After a successful internship with Get Work, Antonia is now a fully fledged member of the team. She is passionate about social media and creative writing and has archived more than half a million words online to date!

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